Suspension, it all depends on what you're trying to achieve, but common amounts to lower your car include 30mm, 40mm, 50mm and 60mm. If you just want a lower ride with possibly slightly better handling then springs are the way to go, especially as the shocks on the GTi are not bad at all. They cost around 60 for the front, making it a cheap way of changing the entire look of your car. There are so many companies doing springs but I'd recommend makes like Avo Chassis Dynamics (from Ecosse) or GMC's very own.

If you are going for all round brilliant ride handling and holding, then go for shocks and springs. This is probably the best balance for a road car, just don't expect a soft ride. Decent makes include Bilstein and Avo.
Enlarge picture If you are looking for good handling, firm holding and very low, then go for coilover suspension which enables you to lower the car at will to whatever height (within reason!) you want, making them great for show events. Avo probably do the best ones for the GTi, costing around 400 but other makes can range from 250 up to over 1000.
Remember that on most Peugeots, the rear suspension is a torsion bar. To reduce the ride height you have to alter what are called splines but doing this will only lower the car, not stiffen the ride. You can buy performance rear torsion bars but they don't come cheap. Unless you know what your doing, get a qualified mechanic to adjust it, saves hassle.

Article written by Ian Dews. 'Courtesy of Ian from'