Wheels & Tyres  
When it comes to wheels and tyres, I've had enough experience to know what works and doesn't so take note. Some fit the 106 GTi with no problems, some will require major alterations but look stunning. Please also be aware that I won't be telling you what wheels look good on the 106, as everyone's choice is different and what works for one, doesn't necessarily work for another. What's contained below will hopefully help you understand the options available to make the whole task a lot easier.

Offset - For the GTi use only a 15-18mm offset on sensible sized wheels, preferred offset is 16mm. I cannot stress how important this is. This is the most crucial part of fitting wheels. If you do this bit wrong, then you may as well not bother. If you get an offset less than suggested the wheels will catch on the arch, anything more than and they will have contact with the torsion bar arm and inside back wall. An example of this would be I fitted 20mm offset alloys from a Saxo, they caught on the inside torsion bar and the car wouldn't move at all. Offset is crucial. Spacers can be used to adjust offsets slightly, but if you can, buy correct in the first place.

Performance/Handling - The bigger the overall diameter, the bigger the distance the wheel has to travel for one complete turn. The consequences of this will mean a drop in performance, an incorrect speedo reading of up to 10% and handling will not feel as stable. 15's with the correct sized tyres wonít make any different, in fact, could possible help due to the slightly smaller overall diameter but wider track. 16's will make a slight but noticeable downturn in performance but shouldn't effect the handling too much. 17's will alter everything a fair bit. Bigger than this will basically make your car feel and drive like a Reliant Robin!

My Recommendation - Go for an alloy sized 6.0J x 15 or 6.5J x 15 with a 195/45/15 tyre, using the correct offsets if you want a noticeable difference to the look of your car, without the hassle. Go for 7.0J x 16 with 195/40/16 tyres for very slight downturn in performance and handling, Go even bigger if you are prepared for arch alterations and to ruin the characteristics of the GTi. I personally prefer 15ís, but have 16ís with the tyres suggested and can live with the slight losses. Of course its all down to preferred taste. If I was going for a show car look, then I'd have 17's or bigger, but I don't see the point in buying a fast car only to take some of its 'fast' away!

General Hints - To make wheels look as big as possible on the car, get wheels which have big gaps between the spokes and/or spokes that stretch all the way to the end of the rim, giving the impression of an extra 1" sizing.

Wheel Size: 5.5J x 14, 6.0J x 14
Tyre Size: 185/55/14, 175/60/14, 165/65/14

Enlarge picture Requirements to fit and additional comments:
14 inch is the standard factory size. As long as the offset is good, you won't get any problems.

Wheel Size: 6.0J x 15, 6.5J x 15, 7.0J x 15
Tyre Size: 195/45/15

Enlarge picture Requirements to fit and additional comments:
No problem with fitment, will go straight on due to the overall diameter being the same as standard, and the arch space capable of handling the extra width. They look a decent size on the GTi but you will find it hard to completely fill the arch space. You can however lower the car as much as you want with no problems.

Wheel Size: 6.5J x 16, 7.0J x 16, 7.5J x 16
Tyre Size: 195/45/16 (6.5 & 7.0), 205/40/16 (7.0 & 7.5)

Enlarge picture Requirements to fit and additional comments:
Due to the larger overall diameter caused by the 195/45 tyres, expect slight attention needed to the rear arches at the top and around the sides (approx.10 and 2 on a clock face!). With the 205/40's, the attention to the rear arches will be similar. The reason behind the 195/40 option is that the overall diameter stays closer to the standard due to the lower profile side wall available in this width tyre. Lowering the car on 195/45 or 205/40 tyres will cause problems, as will carrying passengers. Using 195/40 tyres will eliminate most of these issues. Our project car is lowered 60mm on 195/40 tyres, and has had 4 passengers in the back (I know!) and it didnít catch at all!

Wheel Size: 7.0J x 17, 7.5J x 17
Tyre Size: 205/40/17

Enlarge picture Requirements to fit and additional comments:
This has become a popular choice for the GTi now, although I feel that the price you pay for the loss in handling and performance is not worth the hassle. However, if you are looking for a show style car, then this is the best option by far. Grinding of the rear arches is a must with this size combo, this is due to the much increased size of the diameter and width from the standard. You will also need to be aware that the bottom bumper bracket that holds the rear bumper in place will need modifying and also, on some occasions, the fuel pump will need to be moved or altered so not to catch. You should be able to get away with very little alterations on the front but will not be able to avoid loosing some of full lock, especially on the right wheel. Lowering the car will require further major alterations and don't expect to lower it more that 40mm in total. You may be expecting too much for the hope of seating rear passengers, just depends on the work done to give enough clearance.

Wheel Size: 7.5J x 18
Tyre Size: 205/35/18, 215/35/18

Enlarge picture Requirements to fit and additional comments:
We knew it wouldn't be long before this was attempted, and it is possible. Although most have been fitted to wide arches 106's, some have gone on standard arched GTi's. It is actually possible with only a few extra mods needed from 17's. A must is removing all the inner arch linings, also the fuel pump will require relocating.

Wheel Size: 7.5J x 20
Tyre Size: ?

Enlarge picture Requirements to fit and additional comments:
Overdone. You really want a tractor?

Article written by Ian Dews. 'Courtesy of Ian from Pug106GTi.com'