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  Step 1


Although in this example a MkII 106 is used the same procedure is valid for the MkI and basicly for all other cars, the only difference is that the MKI headlights need to be replaced with the MkII ones. In this first step the original bumpers and front wings, arches, sills and headlights are removed.

  Step 2

The car is put onto axle stands and all four wheels removed. The front wings are fitted first which is a fairly simple bolt on job although very careful attention is paid to making sure that the bonnet and door gaps are even and original looking. The headlights / indicator lamp fit is checked and adjusted if needed.

  Step 3


Rear wings are placed into position and the arc of the inner wheel arch is marked onto the rear wing of the car. The outer skin of the original wing is then cut around this mark. With this section now removed, the inner arch is now sealed to the outer wing. The rear wing is then bonded over the original wing using a combination of hard resin and polyurethane adhesive sealer.

  Step 4

Side skirts are now bonded on that link the front wings to the rear wing and the sill. The roof spoiler and the front/rear bumpers are now "Trial Fitted" and bolted in position. The wheels are fitted and the car is now ready to go to the paint shop for blending of any joints with filler, then prep and paint.

  The result


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