106 lights  
We are fortunate to have both front and rear lights catered for on the 106.

Enlarge picture From well-known companies such as Morette and QuadConversions. For the front, I think that the standard shaped lights look mean, but the twin headlights (£280) make it look even meaner, so its hardly surprising its a very popular choice with 106 owners. Since 2004, the crystal style lights are available for the 106. This gives the 106 a modern front. Cheaper options would be light eyebrows to give a more ‘bad boy’ look!

Enlarge picture For the rear you have a few options that just replace the original covers. These include lexus style lights; Jewel Light; Blue coloured lights and white lights. Prices range from £140 for the lexus style ones up to well over £300 for the white ones. Another option is the Afterburner clusters (£280) which are basically 3 separate units in the rear lights, look very nice, and you can choose what colour lenses to have. They cost a fair amount though and doesn’t include the required painting and fitting!

The alternative option is alter the present lights by spraying them. A lot of people colour code them to the car and they look great. One word of warning would be not to over do it, remember that if you restrict the brightness of the lights, you risk being stopped by the police and possibly get points and/or a fine.

Article written by Ian Dews. 'Courtesy of Ian from Pug106GTi.com'