106 bodykits  
In todayís market and with the right amount of money, anything can pretty much fit any other car. That makes writing a section about bodykits fairly hard. However, if you are after something design especially for the GTi, then your choice is going to be limited. Without being too blunt, the kits available arenít exactly very attractive, especially as the standard kit is great anyway.

Enlarge picture But the best of the bunch has got to be the Ecosse Spirit kit, it contains a lovely looking front bumper, arches and side skirts, its just the back bumper which lets it down. This kit costs in the region of £900 direct from Ecosse, so remember that on top of that you will have to find somewhere to paint and fit it. Other basic kits available include Biarritz and Musketier, available from Online Auto Sport and other Peugeot specialists.
Enlarge picture For something very extreme, check out the kit by Dimma. It's basically a Maxi rally car replica with wide arches and lots of nice touches. However, the kit will cost in the region of £5000 fitted and donít forget that special sized wheels will be required.

They are pretty much all the kits available, however there are tons of kits out for the Saxo, which with some slight work, will fit any 106 model. The other alternative is to make changes to the original kit, these are very common modifications on the GTi.

Enlarge picture The same as above, spoilers come in all shapes and sizes and with a little work and money, anything can be fitted to anything. We personally think that the standard GTi spoiler is subtle and works well, but if you are after something different, then Ecosse can supply a mixture of spoilers from the Auto-Esquiss range that will fit straight on, or with slight work. These include the latest trend, indicator spoilers and aerodynamic rally style ones. There is a lot of choice out there and as usual, is down to personal choice. Just remember that if your replacing the standard GTi spoiler, it is bolted in and will leave some holes after removal.

Splitters and Diffusers are great for giving your car a much lower look, as the factory bumpers never seem to reach close enough to the ground for practicality reasons. They are also a much cheaper option than buying a whole body kit, especially if you already have pieces on your car you don't want to change.

Enlarge picture Problem is there aren't many splitters and diffusers out there, meaning all of them have been done a thousand times before. However, front splitters available include a Porsche style splitter, which folds up at the sides, or a thinner basic shape one that goes slightly lower down. Fitting a Renault Laguna splitter is a well seen modification.

Enlarge picture For the rear you are pretty much limited to the R&A diffuser which is a good 5" deep so is a lot closer to the ground than standard. Ecosse and Merseyspeed seem to do most of the splitters so it may be worth checking them out. Any others you see different from the standard ones are more than likely custom made to fit.

Article written by Ian Dews. 'Courtesy of Ian from Pug106GTi.com'