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Types of air filters
There are 3 main type airfilters available: element, induction and ram-cooler. An element is basically a replacement filter for the standard equipment housing. It will increase the amount of airflow getting to the engine but not much performance increase or sound will be found. People buy them because they are simple replacements for the original, cost very little and don't affect your insurance premium. You can usually pick up a decent make like K&N, ITG or Pipercross for around 35. A good recommendation is to drill holes in the bottom of the standard housing, get some cold air feeds and point them at the gaps, this will push in a lot more cold air and give better performance figures than standard. The element of choice would have to be Peugeot Sports own ITG filter.

  Air induction kit or Ram cooler

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Air induction kit

An induction kit basically replaces the main parts of the original gear including the air box, filter and induction pipe. An induction kit works by directing more cold air from the front of the car into the cone shaped kit to produce more power. Why does it create more power? Reason being that cold air is denser and therefore sends more oxygen into the engine within the same amount of air. This is the most popular engine modification as it is a cheap way of giving a couple of extra bhp, looks good under the bonnet and also makes the engine sound a lot deeper under acceleration. They usual cost in the region of 60. People tend to be under the impression that air filters make a massive difference; this is unfounded and completely untrue. Because the cone is exposed, any hot air circulating the engine bay will also get sucked in too, meaning increases over standard are minimal, but definitely slightly better than a simple element.

Enlarge picture Ram cooler
A ram cooler is definitely the best way to go. What makes it so different is that the cone filter is enclosed and sealed within a specially designed housing attached on the front slam panel, where a lot of cold air comes in. Its exactly the same principle used in the Peugeot rally cars and is a proven success time and time again. Not only does it prevent hot air circulating the engine bay getting in, because of the design and location, draws enough cold air in to provide with excellent power increases. The retail price for the original Peugeot Sports Kit is approx. 280 although Ecosse sell a replica kit for half the price with pretty much the same quality. They also look fantastic in the engine bay, filling all the gaps you will have from removing the original filter.

To sum things up, if you are just after a little more noise at a reasonable price, then go for either a induction kit, or element with holes cut in the original housing. But if you want noticeable power increases with a sound to match, then get a little more money together and buy a ram cooler, they are without doubt an excellent investment, and look spot on too.

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