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In 2005 a whole new gallery has been build by Stefan. Also the start is made for a French version of

Peugeot is known to be a brand that builds very nice, sporty and compatitive cars. As well for the 106, 205, 206, 306, 307, 309, 405, 406 and 407 Peugeot manage to build the best GTi's in their class every time. It is often said: "Volkswagen invented the GTi, but it is time after time that Peugeot push the limits to new standards. 

The reason Peugeot Performance is created is that there is a need for a Peugeot site where you can find everything about all performance Peugeot types. Meaning all GTi and other sporty Peugeot models. Peugeot Performance is a Peugeot site made by and for Peugeot enthousiasts.

The Peugeot Performance site offers pics and information about all the sporty Peugeot models. Qe offer loads of information about the whole sportive Peugeot range like the WRC-RC-Maxi-Turbo16-T16-V6-Mi16-S16-GT-GTi-Rallye-CTi-CC-Cabriolet-XSi-XS-Sport-Procar-Quicksilver.

The site helps you in Tuning or Links in your search for a well maintenanced and/or tuned Peugeot. It's also possible to show your Peugeot in the Gallery. Make contact with other Peugeot enthousiast or buy and sell parts/Peugeots via the Forum.

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About the site
The intension off the site is to offer as many pictures, videos and information in a as clear as possible layout. All information must be available whith a short download time.

The site exist off different sections. These are:

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All about the Peugeot GTi Autosport Club, Peugeot historie, tests and technical information off all Peugeot GTi rellated models.

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THE largest Peugeot gallery online. Visitors can register and upload pics & specs of their own Peugeot.

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Tuning & maintenance information.

The forum is a perfect way to meet other visitors of our website. Peugeot Performance uses the forum of the Peugeot GTi Autosport Club UK.

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